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First Annual Dipuc Love Fest will Take Tempe by Storm on February 14th... Singles flocking in from around the country... Proceeds to Go to Local Charity

Tempe, Arizona – January 22, 2001 – Dipuc, Cupid’s long lost twin sister, and main character of the online comic Dipuc.com, is taking Tempe by storm this February 14th. To combat the mistakes that Cupid has made in lives across the Valley and world, singles will flock to Mill Avenue to enjoy an event like no other and blame the mistakes of love on the true villain of love, Cupid.

Select Tempe Merchants Association member establishments will participate in “Dipuc Love Fest” offering nuts and bolts parties, beer bashes and more to help deal with the pain brought on by Cupid. Each participating venue will kick off the evening celebrations with a celebrity Bachelor/Bachelorette auction. Proceeds from the auction will go to the Tempe Merchants Association Scholarship Fund. Highest bidders will have the evening with their “prize” enjoying VIP treatment with front of the line service and free drinks.

On board to participate in the Dipuc Love Fest are Have a Nice Day Café, Jax Thai Bar, Mill Avenue Beer Company, Rula Bula Tempe Irish Pub, Saki’s Sky Bar and Ziggy’s Sports Grill. CityAZ Magazine will be co-hosting the Jax Thai Bar events.

Jill Reger developed Dipuc, the archenemy and nemesis of Cupid, and Dipuc.com, the online comic. Scantly clad in red leather and wielding her crow bar and mallet (How else would she pull people’s head from their derrière and knock some sense into them?) Dipuc, the savior of love, works to clean up the unrequited love created by Cupid, the sadist of love, and his misaimed arrows. Jill hopes that the Dipuc Love Fest will provide relief and happiness for those who wish that February 14 were just another day.

The Dipuc Love Fest is not just for those recently wronged by Cupid, but all those who have ever wished that Valentine’s Day and Cupid would disappear forever. How many Valentine’s Days have many of us sat around thinking, ‘Who is this Cupid guy, and how can I find him so I can beat the crap out of him?’ Reger joked.

The lore of Dipuc and her brother Cupid are told on Dipuc.com. Also available are past comic strips to keep readers aware of what Cupid is capable of and how Dipuc can help.