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Creators of Dipuc.com Establish Holiday on August 14 to Celebrate Independence -- "Nuts and Bolts" Party to Take Place at Mill Ave. Beer Co.

For Immediate Release August 13, 2000

(PHOENIX) – For the hundreds and thousands of people who dread Valentine’s Day every year, a new holiday offers some hope. Creators of the new Internet comic book, Dipuc.com, have established August 14 as Dipuc Day, a day to celebrate independence, not codependence. The comic book's main character, Dipuc, is Cupid's long lost twin sister, and she's out to prove that Cupid is really a sadist and that she is the true savior of love.

While Dipuc Day will be celebrated nationally, Valley singles can mix during a fun "Dipuc Day Nuts and Bolts Party" on Monday, August 14 at the Mill Ave. Beer Co., 605 S. Mill Ave. in Tempe. The free event takes place from 6 p.m. to closing and will feature music, prizes, and special appearances from both Dipuc and Cupid.

"A nuts and bolts party is a great way for singles to meet," said Jill Reger, creator of Dipuc.com. "We'll be distributing several different sized nuts to the women and bolts to the men. For each nut, there's probably about seven matches, so you're really forced to meet other people. We're planning to give out prizes for the first 10 couples with a "snug screw" and the person with the worst dating story."

Dipuc.com takes a humorous look at love, dating and relationships, and investigates why these things often make people miserable.

"Dipuc is the antithesis of Cupid and his archenemy and nemesis," Reger said. "Where Cupid uses a bow and arrow to shoot an unsuspecting person often creating unrequited love, Dipuc's tools are a crowbar and a mallet. The crowbar is to pry a person's head out the clouds, and the mallet is to knock some sense into them."

Reger explained that people have the misconception that Cupid is responsible for true love, but visitors to Dipuc.com find out the true story -- that Cupid is the sadist of love and Dipuc is the savior.

According to Reger, Dipuc Day is a day to enjoy friends, laugh at each other’s dating mistakes, and laugh at ourselves for all the foolish things we’ve done in the name of love. The significant date – exactly six months from Valentine’s Day – gives us permission to blame a third party (the sadist Cupid) for our foolish acts.

"How many Valentine’s Days have many of us sat around thinking, ‘Who is this Cupid guy, and how can I find him so I can beat the crap out of him?’" Reger joked.

Reger and her associates hope Dipuc Day will provide relief and happiness for those who wish February 14 was just a regular day.

"Valentine’s Day can be a horrible holiday," she stated. "Men usually feel in trouble, many women feel dejected…if two people are happy in love, they really don’t need a day to celebrate because they are doing gooshy lovey dovey stuff on a daily basis. Why should the rest of the world get their noses rubbed in it?"

Visitors to the web site can learn how Dipuc Day was established, why daffodils (from the narcissus family) are the holiday's celebratory flowers, and what each of the 21 different types of daffodils represent. Reger encourages people to give their friends and loved ones these flowers on August 14 rather than the traditional roses and carnations that are given on Valentine's Day. She also encourages people to log onto Dipuc.com to send free greeting cards -- both friendly and sarcastic -- for Dipuc Day and other times of the year.

"There's a great story behind why we act so stupid when we are in love," she said. "Visitors to the site can also access the lore of Dipuc and Cupid and past comic strips. This way, if you are a first time visitor, you can read through the archives to better understand the current comic story line."

For more information about the new Internet comic book, Dipuc.com, or the August 14th Dipuc Day Nuts and Bolts Party at Mill Ave. Beer Co., visit www.Dipuc.com.


EVENT: Dipuc Day Nuts and Bolts Party
For those who dread Valentine's Day

DATE: Monday, August 14
(yes, that's exactly six months from Valentine's Day)

LOCATION: Mill Ave. Beer Co.
605 S. Mill Ave. in Tempe
Telephone: (480) 829-6775

TIME: 6 p.m. to close


WHY: To celebrate Dipuc Day and meet other singles. Different sized nuts will be distributed to the women -- bolts to the men. The key is to find who you match with.

WHO IS DIPUC? Dipuc is the main character in the new Internet comic book, Dipuc.com.

    She's Cupid's long-lost twin sister and also his archenemy and nemesis. She's out to prove that Cupid is really a sadist and that she is the true savior of love. Instead of a bow and arrow, she carries a crowbar and a mallet -- the crowbar is to pry a person's head out of the clouds and the mallet is to knock some sense into them.

PRIZES: Prizes will be distributed to the first 10 couples with a nuts and bolts "snug screw" and also to the person with the worst dating story (stories must be submitted in written form).

APPEARANCES: Both Dipuc and Cupid will be at the party.

DIPUC DAY GIFT IDEAS: Daffodils are the celebratory flowers for Dipuc Day. People can also log onto www.dipuc.com to send free Dipuc Day cards with both friendly and sarcastic messages.