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Local Creators Say Dipuc.com Will Fill the Void for Those Who Miss Far Side,

Bloom County, Calvin & Hobbes and Other Retired Cartoons

Story Line's Main Cartoon/Animated Character, Dipuc, is the Antithesis of Cupid

For Immediate Release September 15, 2000

(PHOENIX) — A new Internet comic book that was recently launched targets college students and adults with a melding of sophisticated and sophomoric humor and explores the topics of love, dating and relationships. According to creator Jill Reger, an acclaimed photographer who is now devoting all of her time to creating the Internet comic book, Dipuc.com will fill the void created by the retirement of sorely missed cartoons, such as Far Side, Bloom County and Calvin & Hobbes.

"These comics, like Dipuc.com, tend to be based less in reality and more in the fantasy worlds we create in our own minds," Reger explained. "Dipuc.com takes a humorous look at love, dating and relationships, and investigates why these things often times causes us heartache."

Dipuc, the comic book’s main character, is the antithesis of Cupid.

"Dipuc is Cupid’s archenemy and nemesis," she continued. "Where Cupid uses a bow and arrow to shoot an unsuspecting person often creating unrequited love, Dipuc’s tools are a crowbar and a mallet. The crowbar is to pry a person’s head out of his or her ass (or clouds), and the mallet is to knock some sense into them."

Reger emphasized that the new comic book offers entertainment to both men and women with "equal gender bashing…everyone is fair game."

"This is not a bitter-women, male bashing site," she said. "Unfortunately, some people may assume that’s what we’re about. But to say that would be like saying The Simpsons is about family life and SouthPark is about grade school."

Reger said Dipuc.com is different from other Internet comic books because web site visitors have opportunities to be written into the story line.

"The site is set up for people to submit their stories of their worst dating experiences and best practical jokes. If we like someone’s story, we will write it into an upcoming Dipuc episode," she explained. "We’ll be conducting a contest this fall where four contestants will be selected to be drawn into four separate sidebar comics called "Back Stage with Brain Vomit." Brain Vomit is the cool band that Dipuc hangs out with from time to time. Each finalist will be the only person to receive the code to enter his or her comic. The finalist who can sneak the most people in will win $2,000."

The interactive, tongue-in-cheek comic book also features a "Dear Dipuc" column for those seeking "advice," a chat room, a message board, and the dating stories people submit.

Reger and her team of associates have been working to create Dipuc.com for several months. Creative team members include Jane desGrosseilliers, artist; Bill Windish, web and graphic designer.

"We’re looking forward to making people laugh and helping them realize that it’s o.k. to make fools out of ourselves when in love," Reger said. "We believe Dipuc will be a great success, because after all, haven’t we all suspected something wrong with the idea that Cupid is the harbinger of love? Now we know? Cupid is the sadist of love and Dipuc is the savior!"

For more information about the new Internet comic book, Dipuc.com, visit www.Dipuc.com.