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Internet Comic Book Seeks Participation From College Students --

Stories Must Be Submitted By Friday, October 20

For Immediate Release September 15, 2000

(PHOENIX) — Starting Friday, September 15, college students seeking some additional spending money will have an opportunity to win $2,000 in a national "Worst Dating Story" contest sponsored by the new Internet comic book, Dipuc.com, a Jillmerica, LLC subsidiary. The comic book, which targets college students and adults with a melding of sophisticated and sophomoric humor, explores the topics of love, dating and relationships.

"If you've had a funny, bad, or horrifying experience on a date, send us your story by Friday, October 20 and you could be selected as a finalist to compete for the $2,000 Grand Prize," said Jill Reger, creator of Dipuc.com.

According to Reger, the comic book's main character, Dipuc, is Cupid's long lost twin sister, and she's out to prove that Cupid is really a sadist and that she is the true savior of love.

"Dipuc is Cupid’s archenemy and nemesis," she said. "Where Cupid uses a bow and arrow to shoot an unsuspecting person often creating unrequited love, Dipuc’s tools are a crowbar and a mallet. The crowbar is to pry a person’s head out of his or her ass, and the mallet is to knock some sense into them."

The contest, which begins Friday, September 15, has two stages. Interested participants have until midnight MST-Arizona on Friday, October 20 to submit their "Worst Dating Stories" to the web site.

There is no purchase necessary to enter the contest, and interested contestants can submit their stories by logging onto the web site at www.Dipuc.com . After Reger and her team review the stories, four finalists will be selected and notified by Monday, November 6.

In the contest's second stage, each of the four finalists will be drawn into their own comic -- within Dipuc.com -- called "Back Stage with Brain Vomit." Each finalist will receive a confidential code to his or her own comic. Then, after the four separate comics are complete, the finalists will have from Friday, December 1, 2000 until midnight MST-Arizona on Tuesday, February 14, 2001 to sneak as many people "back stage" into their comics by disseminating their codes and encouraging people to enter their comics. The finalist with the most visitors "back stage" will win the $2,000.

"The finalists will have to be creative as to how they disseminate their codes," Reger explained. "We won't reveal the codes to anyone, so it will be fun to see how they go about getting people to visit their comics. Of course, we'll monitor duplicate entries with a state-of-the art tracking system in order to make the contest fair."

Reger encourages interested contestants to log onto www.Dipuc.com to review the official contest rules (to be posted by September 15) and learn more about the Internet comic book.

"There's a great story behind why we act so stupid when we are in love," she said. "Visitors to the site can access the lore of Dipuc and Cupid and past comic strips. This way, if you are a first time visitor, you can read through the archives to better understand the current comic story line."

For more information about the new Internet comic book, Dipuc.com, or the web site's "Worst Dating Story" contest and $2,000 Grand Prize, visit www.Dipuc.com.