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Fall 2000


Funny Love

Dipuc.com a new Internet comic book, takes a tongue-in-cheek look at love, dating and relationships. And, no, we’re not talking the butterflies-in-your-stomach, wine-and-dine kind of love. We’re talking the he-didn’t-call-the-day-after, she-stole-everything-from-my-apartment kind of love.

Dipuc (Cupid spelled backward for those not paying attention) is the comic’s main character and is the antithesis of Cupid. According to Jill Reger, Dipuc.com’s creator and an unprecedented scholar and expert on Roman mythology, Dipuc was separated from her fraternal twin Cupid at birth by a jealous mid-wife. Years later, she was reunited with her mother, Venus, who had suspected something was wrong when Cupid was unable to create true love. She armed Dipuc with a crowbar (to get people’s heads out of their derrieres) and a mallet (to knock some sense into them) and set her out to right the wrongs of Cupid.

Dipuc.com offers entertainment for both men and women, with equal gender-bashing for each. People can submit their worst dating stories, best practical jokes or "psycho person from hell" stories to the Web site. Each month, the best is picked and written into the Dipuc story line. Plus, the author’s photograph is used to draw him or her into a sidebar comic called Backstage with the Band. A special code, given only to the author, is needed to view the comic.

Other features include: a "Dear Dipuc" advice column, chat room and "Jake’s Take," comic drawings submitted by Reger’s 8-year-old nephew (though the site is not intended for children). For those whose love lives haven’t exactly been a walk in the park, Dipuc is here to save their lonely bleeding hearts and, if nothing else, to put their public humiliation in a humorous light. –J.K.