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August 10-16, 2000

Real Tough Love
By Michelle Craig

Cupid’s twin sis brings reason, bit of edge to romance

Do you cringe when Feb. 14 rolls around each year? Are you tired of filing restraining orders against every Tom, Dick or Mary that thinks he or she is in love with you? Do you think Cupid has had enough fun with his little bag of arrows and needs to be put in his place?

Then join singles across the nation Monday as they gather to rebel against the fickle little cherub and honor his little-known twin sister, Dipuc. A first in the world of dating, love and relationships, Dipuc Day encourages people to celebrate independence instead of codependence.

In the Valley, the first Dipuc Day will kick off with a nuts and bolts party at the Mill Ave. Beer Co. in Tempe. The soiree will give singles a chance to find their perfect match at an event where men and women meet by matching (you guessed it) nuts and bolts. Prizes will be awarded to the first 10 couples with a "snug screw" and the worst dating story (submitted in writing).

Although Dipuc Day gives singles a chance to get their groove on, it is also a time to enjoy friends, laugh at one another’s dating mistakes and laugh at ourselves for the things we have done in the name of love.

The legend of Dipuc was "discovered" by Phoenix resident Jill Reger. She says Dipuc’s mission in life is to clean up the mess her twin often causes when one of his love-tainted arrows leaves his bow. She carries a crowbar and a mallet – the former to pry a person’s head out of his or her anus, the latter to knock some sense into them.

Reger, 34, has created an interactive, online comic strip dedicated to exploring the legend and finding true love in the midst of all the imposters.

"It’s purely fun," she said. "It was a joke I started because I was trying to explain ‘Jill-isms’ __ that feeling when you’re completely blinded in a dating situation."

Reger adds that because it takes two people to fall in love, it takes the intervention of Dipuc, after Cupid has shot his arrow, to create true love.

"I’m surprised no one has questioned Cupid yet, since it seems he’s falling down on the job."

To catch a glimpse of Dipuc and her friends in action, visit www.dipuc.com.