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Video: Dipuc Word on the Stret interviews - Sweetest dating stories.
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Video: Dipuc Word on the Stret interviews - Worst dating stories.
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PR - Local personality and Tempe merchants Association host hottest Valentine's Day celebration to hit the valley.

PR - Dipuc.com "Worst Dating Story" Contest offers $2,000 Grand Prize

PR New Internet Comic Book takes a humorous look at Love, Dating and Relationships

PR - "Dipuc Day" Provides new hope for people who dread Valentine's day

Article - Funny Love: E-Gear takes a look at Dipuc.com - Fall 2000

Article - I’m With Cupid: Phoenix New Times - 10/16/2000

Article - The Question... Scottsdale Tribune looks at Dipuc.com - 6/12/2000

Article - Real Tough Love - Arizona Republic - 10/16/2000

PR - The Story of Dipuc

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