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Frequently asked questions.

1.) Did you come up with Dipuc on your own, if so what made you think of it?

I invented Dipuc while penning some of my musings or "Jillisms" in a book entitled "Deep Thoughts or the Brain Vomit of the Melodramatic." The concept and story has grown from its original conception a year ago. Though I create most of the story line, many of my friends and family influence its direction, whether they are actively participating or not.

2.) How are you making money on this web site?

I am not making money on the web site. Originally we were using it just as a location for people to view the comic. The wonderful thing about the internet is that we were able to continually add to the site making it a destination for people who need to laugh at love and dating.

3.) Do you sell personal information from the web site?

NO.....when we ask for people to enter their e-mail addresses it is only for purposes of contest tracking. We do not provide this information to anyone, nor do we use it to e-mail you. If you would like to actually join the Secret Dipuc Society and receive e-mail from us there is a specific section for that purpose.

4.) If you are not making money on the web site how do you plan to make money?

We are trying to build a following for our comic and its overall concept that "Cupid is the sadist of love and Dipuc the savior." Once we feel that we have a strong enough following we are going to try for a TV animation series. We chose this route because we didn’t want to suffer from ‘self censorship’ by writing for newspaper publication or syndication.

5.) Will Brain Vomit have any music?

We are currently working on an entire album of original music by Brain Vomit. Once we have completed the album we have lofty goals of having our fans help us turn it gold. The proceeds from the album will go directly into making a music video of Brain Vomit to market to MTV. This project will need big participation from all the Secret Dipuc Society members and when it is finished they will all know that they were responsible for getting the Brain Vomit video produced....in essence it will be their video.

You see the way we figure it ...if South Park can go to the Oscars, Brain Vomit wants to go to the Grammy’s and MTV awards.

6.) What is Dipuc Day?

Dipuc Day is August 14 (six months from Valentine’s Day). It is a day to celebrate independence not codependence. A day to have beers with friends and laugh at all the mistakes we’ve made about matters of the heart.

Please e-mail me at jill@dipuc.com if you have any additional questions.

Thank you, Jill Reger, Dipuc creator

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