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Brain Vomit is:
Brawny Howard - Prior to joining 'Brain Vomit', Brawny was lead guitarist for the band 'The Poppy Seeds', When 'The Poppy Seeds' disbanded Brawny was sent back down to the minors, once again being saddled with the task of clawing his way into the limelight of fame.
Cameron - 'Brain Vomit' Front Man - His pipes are known as the best in the business... Incidentally, he also has a great voice.
Fresh Piece - The hardest working drummer in show biz. It is believed Fresh burns as much as 10,000 calories a show. You too can benefit from this same aerobic workout when you purchase his new exercise tape... 'Beat it off!!!'
G.G. Spot - Keyboardist... Though one of the greatest keyboardists in the industry, it is rare to see her performing live. G.G. resides permanently in drug rehab to fight addictions , including everything from Flintstones Vitamins to nose spray.
Phil Liberty - Saxophone - A master at tooting his own horn, Phil, has set records for receiving more publicity than any other musician. An Epicurean at heart, Phil feels most gratified when cooking something up in his kitchen.

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