Most people are familiar with Cupid, the Roman god of erotic love. And those familiar with Roman mythology know that Cupid is the son of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. So who is Dipuc and why is she such an important discovery to mankind?

According to Jill Reger, a Phoenix, Ariz. expert on such matters, Dipuc is the long-lost twin sister of Cupid. After extensive research, Reger discovered incredible evidence that explains why Cupid often fails to create true, lasting love with his bow and arrow. For centuries, the plight of human love has been kept a secret, but now, Reger wants the world to know the truth about Cupid, and shares the real story…

During an unusually difficult childbirth, Venus became dazed and confused. In her delirious state, she did not realize she had given birth to fraternal twins, a son and a daughter. She relied upon her midwife, whom she trusted implicitly, to help her, and she was elated to hear the news about her newborn son, Cupid.

But the jealous midwife, who could not have children of her own, enlisted the help of her family to snatch the female baby, Dipuc, at birth. When the time was right, she and the new baby fled to far off lands.

Zeus had given the arrows of love to Venus to bestow upon her offspring. He never intended that the arrows of love be used by one god alone…after all, it takes two people to fall in love, thus two people to shoot the arrows.

Venus, not knowing the existence of her daughter, gifted all of the magical arrows to Cupid. After his godly transformation at age 16, Cupid discovered all of the havoc he could wreak by shooting just one person with arrows and then leaving that person destined to suffer unrequited love. It was great fun for him to watch his victims make fools out of themselves as they attempted to find true love and ever-lasting happiness, when the objects of their desires had been left untouched by the arrows of love.

Meanwhile, in a far off land, Dipuc was living a normal life, just like a regular mortal. But as she celebrated her 16th birthday with her closest friends, she suddenly changed form and became a party goddess. She immediately ran to the midwife who confessed her sins and told her that Venus was her real mother.

Though Venus suffered momentary disbelief when she learned of Dipuc's existence, she had always suspected something had gone awfully wrong since true love never seemed to occur in the presence of Cupid. Horrified by her mistake, Venus confronted Cupid to relinquish half of the magic arrows to his sibling, Dipuc. Cupid, drunk on power, refused.

Venus, worried that she destroyed any chances for mankind to experience romantic love, festooned tools for Dipuc to combat her evil twin brother, Cupid. Armed with a crowbar and a mallet, Dipuc was ready to challenge her brother's actions. Dipuc acquired the troublesome puppy named "Reality" to be her partner, and she created the Secret Dipuc Society (SDS) headed by Professor A.L. Chemy, to help monitor Cupid's actions over the centuries.

Since that time, Dipuc has been in a constant battle to right the wrongs of Cupid. Occasionally, while Cupid is lofting his arrows, she intervenes by pushing a second person into their path, creating true love. But more often than not, she is left to clean up the disaster left within Cupid's wake.

Reger's research reveals that Cupid has become too powerful and that Dipuc needs YOUR help. She invites you to visit her new web site, and become a member of the Secret Dipuc Society. It's an experience you don't want to miss, and you'll be doing your part to help Dipuc prevail. Always remember…Cupid is the sadist of love, Dipuc the savior.